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Small Business Monthly Feature: LV's Vinyl Café

The “Hang Loose” Menu at LV’s Vinyl Café is exactly as it sounds. With featured Paninis ranging from ‘The Cure’: bacon, tomato, guacamole & hot sauce, all the way to ‘The Madonna’: brie, raspberry & dark chocolate, no matter what you’re craving your taste buds are sure to be satisfied!!

Browse one of the most eccentric and comprehensive vinyl selections in Red Deer there is music to enjoy through the generations - Barbara Streisand, The Cure, Beck, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Bing Crosby, Jay-Z.... the list goes on. This store is a diamond waiting to be discovered! 

Like us, LV’s also supports our local community - using local vendors, selling wares from local artisans and selling vinyl from local artists, Levi Cuss is a regular on the turn table.

We are so proud of Lisa and as our friend & small business client, we are thrilled to have her as our January Feature for the 2018 Referral Program.

Our Referral Program Winner this month will receive a $50 gift certificate to LV’s Vinyl Café and the opportunity to experience one of Red Deer’s rising stars!

Congratulations Lisa!

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