Business Insurance

Businesses usually get started because the individual is very good at what they do, there is a demand for their product and or service, they have the passion for what they do and they have Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The first 3 to 5 years is usually a tremendous time of growth and progress for the business, but somewhere along the way, the business owner goes from doing what they passionately love to do, to doing mundane tedious operational tasks within the business, that zaps their energy. They start to lose interest, some of their competitive edge and as a result, they maintain or grow slightly

While the decrease in growth is not viewed as a loss on paper, it is a loss to your "Return on Investment" and the future value of the company. This is one of many kinds of losses that are not something an insurance contract will cover.

However, identifying this as a risk along with other common risks that companies face is the first step in a proper risk management process: one that will have a positive impact on your bottom line and the future value of your business.