Red Deer - Fifth Most Dangerous City in Canada

Posted on: March 12, 2018
Red Deer - Fifth Most Dangerous City in Canada

Well here it is! Red Deer is listed as the fifth most dangerous city IN CANADA!! We also happen to be the first Albertan city listed....

We've been saying it every day - theft & crime are on the rise here, so we need to start protecting ourselves. Alarm systems are a great place to start - they provide safety solutions & they will get you a discount on your home policies. We always recommend Ambusch Security - they are locally owned & operated and know what it takes to keep Red Deerians protected.

Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles & people and don't be too shy to report them to your local RCMP or City Police detachment - they want to know!

Be sure to keep your valuables OUT of your vehicle & your vehicles LOCKED! Not to mention the doors to your homes... We had an incidence this past year when criminals entered one of our brokers homes, took the keys to vehicles and away they went. Our community isn't like it used to be, we no longer live in a time where leaving your homes & vehicles unlocked is ok!

Use Red Deer Driver Take Home & Delivery - do NOT leave your vehicle for a sleepover when you've had a few too many. You may as well place a strobe light on top of it asking for people to come vandalize, rob & thieve you! Alternatively arrange transportation to and from wherever you're going! Think Ahead!

If you have questions or concerns about your coverage, or would like more ideas on how to protect yourself, give us a call today!