Alberta Takes The Cake!

Posted on: February 2, 2016
Alberta Takes The Cake!

Remember the massive hail storm on July 21st 2015?

We do ... well, maybe the day that is a Bit more vivid in our minds (as brokers) was July 22nd 2015. We have some of the Best clients in the industry and on a day where over 200 claims were submitted to our brokerage alone, everyone was calm, understanding and patient!

Alberta 'takes the cake' with The Most Expensive loss in ALL of Canada that day... per this Canadian Underwriter article written by Greg Meckbach.

"The most expensive event was on July 21, when a severe convective thunderstorm in Alberta cause $260 million in insured losses. There was tennis-ball-sized hail and wind gusts up to 110 kilometres per hour, Rennie noted. This caused damage to roof shingles, siding and 'extensive auto damage,' she reported"

Read the full article below to see just how much our whacky weather is costing insurance companies Canada wide.... It may help give us all a little bit of perspective as to why our rates & premiumes keep going up and up and up!

Five of Canada's six weather catastrophes in 2015 were out west: CatIQ