Travel Insurance - the choice is up to you!

Posted on: January 12, 2016
Grand Sunset Resort - Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia

Tis the season to escape from the cold!

January to April an influx of Canadians hit the air-streams and jet off for some rest, relaxation and warmer temperatures!

Do you have the proper travel insurance in place or are you one of the "I have free travel insurance through my credit card" people?

The brokers here at Paramount Insurance would like to continue to URGE All of our clients to call in for a quote with our TuGo travel providers BEFORE leaving on holidays. They provide the Most comprehensive travel insurance on the market and we provide the Most comprehensive education of what Is and (often time, more importantly) what is NOT covered.

Bruce Cappon, the president of First Rate Insurace has been quoted saying "(...) travel insurance coverage that comes free with some credit cards may be enough for some "very healthy people" (...)". MAY be enough?! For Very Healthy People?!

I'm not sure about you, but that does NOT sound very promising to any of us here!

The question is, do you want to be spanning the nation as the next big news article headline of why COMPREHENSIVE private travel insurance with a RELIABLE company, run by COMPASSIONATE & CARING PEOPLE is SO important? 

OR would you rather be the guy sipping Margaritas on the beach, enjoying your holiday with peace of mind, knowing a great company and great people are there to support you IF something goes wrong?

The choice is up to you!