Posted on: February 19, 2015
newspaper clipping from 1995 & Dave taking his first phone call (and setting up shop at the same time!) 20 years later enjoying the fruits of his labor and taking 5 minutes to check over his favorite magazine..."The Man Store" book (Princess Auto flyer!)

February 2nd marked the 20th anniversary since Dave & Pattie opened up shop in Red Deer, Alberta. February 20th 1995 was the day that Dave wrote his very first insurance policy for his very own insurance brokerage, Paramount Insurance!

We couldn't be more proud of him & Pattie. It's incredible the hard work, perseverance, dedication and COURAGE they have shown!

We count ourselves as a very lucky staff to work for such great people, who have dedicated their life to educating & protecting our community & clients. Today we celebrated with an in office pizza lunch and presented Dave with a collage of a few pictures showing the before & after!

We wish them a well deserved vacation & celebration in St Lucia and welcome all of your best wishes & congratulations for our fearless leaders!!