Posted on: January 7, 2014

Are you or a loved one you know a Snowbird? Do travel south
for the winter months to escape the chilly winter weather? Are you protecting
yourself or your loved one for not only their health while away but the
dwelling, belongings left behind and liability exposures of being a homeowner?

Snowbirds should ensure they have purchased adequate medical
insurance while traveling out of their province to protect themselves in the
event that they need to seek medical attention. Seeking medical attention is
very costly, especially in the USA, and Alberta Health Care will cover only
limited amounts of these costs when travelling outside of your home province.
Please inquire with your broker about obtaining medical insurance before
leaving for the winter months, as we wish to assist in protecting against those
medical expenses.

It is important to have someone checking the dwelling, everyday
during the heating months, to ensure and watch for unforeseeable losses. Have
someone shovel the sidewalks and driveways, not only because it is a liability
exposure to the dwelling owner, but also to have the dwelling look like it is
lived in and not vacant. Vacant dwellings are often the target for vandalism
and break-ins. It is also important to ensure the water main valve is shut off to
prevent any unforeseen water losses. A
person taking a quick check in the house everyday may not notice a small leak
or dripping and this type of water loss may not be covered by the home
insurance policy. It is important to please take these steps to protect your

Good News! According to CBC News, there has been an
extension to allow Snowbirds to stay another month in the USA! The previous
maximum days allowed stay and travel in USA was 6 months or 182 days, however effective
December 17, 2013, this has been increased to 7 months or 212 days! Please
review the link for further details.

We wish everyone a safe and warm winter season!