Wanted: Commercial Producer

Posted on: March 19, 2018

The purpose of this role is to obtain & retain our brokerage's ideal client, to challenge business owners to think differently about the way they manage risk, and to give business owners a reason why they should do business with our organization. We want a participant who takes control of their future by owning their training. We want a Paramount Insurance champion, someone who will turn Knowledge into Success. You will have mentors and support people along the way however you will be required to get up to each day and initiate your own development and communicate upwardly about the results, activities & needs.

Qualified Prospects are expected to meet the following criteria:

Top 5 Results
1. Sell at least $100,000 in revenue each year
2. Sell in a manner that will create long term relationships with our clients and a high level value proposition. Retaining a minimum of 93% client revenue annually.
3. Quantify the results of working with our organization to every client.
4. Be a challenger in the methods of selling: teach, tailor, take control.
5. Immerse into the community through networking, associations or any way relevant to your niche.

Unique Talents
* Networker
* Driven to effectively challenge the prospect/client to improve through working with our brokerage
* Ability to connect with people and connect communities of people
* Intelligent:
   - Business acumen & Industry acumen (in one or more areas: oil & gas, farming, construction, trucking, restaurant, commercial development, etc)
   - Learn: acquisition, retention & use of knowledge
   - Recognize: identify possible risks & problems in the clients business that need to be addressed
   - Solve: come up with useful solutions to risks& problems you have noticed within the clients business or coverage
* Look and act peer to peer with our clients
* Exceptional communication skills
* Passion for teaching
* Engaging and effective presentation skills
* Understands how to identify the clients value drivers - The Clients WHY

* Integrity
* Intense customer focus
* Driven to bring values to others
* Loves to Compete
* High Business Acumen - Staying current
* Intelligent: Visual, Verbal, Logical, Inter/Intrapersonal, Practical, Business & Industry
* Time - Evidenced by the ability to manage it and get paid for it
* Client Value over Client Relationship

- Level 1 AIC designation minimum 
- Enrollment or future enrollment in Canadian Risk Management Designation 

Being an insurance producer means you will be consulting with business owners, educating them about risk management & insurance. You will be providing education on how/why their general business effects their insurance and ways to mitigate against risk. You will also be in the business of networking yourself & your clients, the better they are doing - the better you are doing. 

You need to have a broad understanding of insurance however you will also need to cultivate a broad understanding about varying industry. A willingness to learn and more importantly to be taught by mentors & the business owners is paramount to your success. From there, you will provide value added services targetted to their business: best practices, consulting, education, communications, public relations, networking, retirement strategy, onboarding & hiring, sales, technology, environmental.  All aspects of their business have the ability to effect their exposure to risk, which leaves them liable to insurance claims, an increase in premium and loss in business. The best way to keep our clients protected is to turn their knowledge into success.

You are required to have your level 1 AIC license and we believe that a Certified Risk Management designation is a necessary tool for a quantifying risk variables and being a Paramount Insurance Commercial Producer.

We are happy to accept Entry-level/Internship placements all the way up to Associate positions. 

This position will be commission based - so, come hungry.

Forward a cover letter & resume with references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - all successfull candidates will be contacted.