Should a claim arise, please contact our office for assistance. However, should it be outside of our business hours, please call your insurance company directly. Below is a list of the claims telephone numbers. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Once a claim has been reported, please feel free to contact our office at anytime should you have any questions or concerns about the handling and processing of the claim. This is our time to shine and we want to know that every claim is handled professionally and promptly.

What to do after an Auto Collision?

After hours claims numbers and websites:

  • Aviva/Elite Insurance Company
    Phone: 1-800-567-7721
    Visit Website
  • Beacon Underwriters Ltd.
    Phone: 1-888-645-8811
    Visit Website
  • Chubb
    Phone: 1-800-532-4822
  • The Dominion / Travelers
    Phone: 1-800-661-5522
    Visit Website
  • Echelon
    Phone: 1-866-931-0570
  • Economical Insurance Group
    Phone: 1-800-607-2424
    Visit Website
  • Guardian
    Phone: 1-844-531-1841 (+ option #3)
  • Nordic Insurance
    Phone: 1-800-387-0060
    Visit Website
  • Northbridge Insurance
    Phone: 1-888-627-5351
    Visit Website
  • PAL
    Phone: 1-888-669-0840
  • Premier Marine Insurance
    Phone: 1-800-567-7721
    Visit Website
  • SGI Canada
    Phone: 1-877-435-1484 (auto)
    1-855-751-1307 (home)
    Visit Website
  • TUGO
    Phone: 1-866-663-0399
    Visit Website