Cyber Risk & Liability

Posted on: January 17, 2018

Are you a stay at home mom who does bookkeeping on the side or perhaps you are in travelling sales?

Do you do oilfield consultation and have a direct login from your laptop to your company server? How about a store owner who takes credit card payments?

Maybe you own a rental company with hundreds of customers, employees & dollars on the line? 

Cyber Risk & Liability should be on your radar. Everyone is online (you are reading this post, after all!) and that means that everyone is vulnerable to increasingly complex cyber threats. All it takes is one stolen smartphone, a hacked email or a virus to cause huge financial costs to you and your company.

Not to mention the cost to your reputation and the trust of your customers.

Since no system is 100% infallible in some form or another almost every single person has a cyber liability risk & exposure and we need to start taking it seriously. 

Hacker attacks, being held liable for personal data breach, lost business as a result of network downtime, spybots, phishing attacks, malicious viruses and worms... these are a few of the very real possibilities you & your business are facing. 

So, what does Cyber Insurance cover?

Insurance for Data Breaches: covers a business for the costs associated with a customer privacy breach including expenses like legal fees, credit checking and associated fines. 

Media & Multimedia Liability: covers third party damages for intellectual property rights infringement or website defacement (attack on a website) 

Extortion Liability Insurance: covers losses due to extortion associated with information technology systems. 

Network Security: covers damages to third parties caused by denial of access, or costs related to data on third-party supplies or theft of data. 

Your Cyber Risk Liability policy may also cover expenses related to the breach such as: 
- Business losses as a result of the cyber-attack 
- Investigation fees 
- Privacy and notification costs
- Lawsuits & legal proceedings. 

Paramount Insurance offers an informative bi-monthly Cyber Risk Newsletter to help you quantify the risk and to be persuasive in your education and understanding of how you & your business can be affected. We want to reassure you that we are here to help navigate these new waters with you, we will help you protect yourself from all the risks we can and we will place coverage in the areas that we cannot.

Providing you with a clear, positive insurance experience – because… Things Happen.


Frost Heaves

Posted on: January 17, 2018

This years winter has put a lot of pressure on the comfort & reliability of homes all across Central Alberta. With temperatures fluctuating between above 0 & -45, coupled with the heavy snowfall, our climate is demanding that we take extra care to prevent frost heaving damage to our homes foundation.

Frost heave is a naturally occurring process which results from snow and ice melting into your soil, and then refreezing, causing the feet of soil that it seeped through to rise and fall according to this freezing/thawing cycle and leading to an unstable, unlevel surface for your home’s foundation to rest on. Professional concrete foundation specialists see this cycle repeating each year with homes in northern states especially experiencing cracks and shifts from frost heaving. Fortunately there are a few proven methods to protect your home’s foundation from these damaging effects which, if done before the season comes to an end, could save you a lot of money, stress, and danger.

There are a few proven methods that will tremendously reduce the risk of frost heaving and prevent the very dramatic & very costly repairs!


1. Soil Choice Matters

  Since the underground freezing of melted snow is dependent on soil inundation, one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of frost heave on your property is to have soil which is too coarse and granular to allow too much water to be retained. Concrete foundation contractors advise homeowners to exchange finer-grade soil types like clay and silt for coarse sand or a layer of gravel which are naturally more permeable. However, if you’re hesitant to replace your lawn’s soil entirely adding a layer of mulch can effectively reduce the risk of melting snow from refreezing under your foundation as it serves as an organic form of insulation for the ground below it.

2. Plumbing & Foundation Insulation  

  It may seem counterintuitive at first but for frost heaving to damage your home the temperature of the ground and air must first go up to allow accumulated snow and ice to melt and seep into the soil. While it’s impossible for you to fully control the effects of warming temperatures and sunlight, homeowners can absolutely have an effect on the temperature of the ground around their home. Hiring professional insulation installers to apply new, more thoroughly covering insulation to your home’s foundation and plumbing can tremendously reduce the risk of heat-loss from your home warming the soil surrounding it enough to cause snow and ice melting.

 3.Control Runoff Water

 Probably the easiest way to prevent foundation damage from frost heaving is to control the direction of where melting snow and ice can flow. This method, while very achievable by the average homeowner, does require a fair amount of planning in order to properly control where any runoff water travels. Optimally the best way to do this is to keep any heavy snow piles away from your home though with this winter’s often record-setting snowfalls that may not always be possible. In cases where complete removal of snow from the area is impossible, homeowners should take time to dig channels both above and below ground to allow an easy way for melting snow and ice to flow away from the home and its foundation.




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Small Business Monthly Feature: LV's Vinyl Café

The “Hang Loose” Menu at LV’s Vinyl Café is exactly as it sounds. With featured Paninis ranging from ‘The Cure’: bacon, tomato, guacamole & hot sauce, all the way to ‘The Madonna’: brie, raspberry & dark chocolate, no matter what you’re craving your taste buds are sure to be satisfied!!

Browse one of the most eccentric and comprehensive vinyl selections in Red Deer there is music to enjoy through the generations - Barbara Streisand, The Cure, Beck, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Bing Crosby, Jay-Z.... the list goes on. This store is a diamond waiting to be discovered! 

Like us, LV’s also supports our local community - using local vendors, selling wares from local artisans and selling vinyl from local artists, Levi Cuss is a regular on the turn table.

We are so proud of Lisa and as our friend & small business client, we are thrilled to have her as our January Feature for the 2018 Referral Program.

Our Referral Program Winner this month will receive a $50 gift certificate to LV’s Vinyl Café and the opportunity to experience one of Red Deer’s rising stars!

Congratulations Lisa!

Happy New Year!

Posted on: December 6, 2017

We are bringing in the New Year with rest, relaxation & a renewed drive for 2018!
We will be closed Monday January 1st.
We will be back in action 8:30am Tuesday January 2nd.
Should you experience a claims emergency over these next few days, please visit the CLAIMS tab for your Company Specific Claims Emergency Number.
Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2018!

Merry Christmas!

Posted on: December 6, 2017

Merry Christmas!
We wish everyone a safe & happy holiday season.
We will be taking a much deserved break and closing the office today, December 22nd 2017 at twelve noon.
We will be back full, fresh & happy, ready to serve at 8:30am Wednesday December 27th.
Should you experience a claims emergency over the holiday, please retrieve your Company Specific Claims Emergency Number from the CLAIMS tab above!


Client Reward Referral Program

Posted on: December 6, 2017

share a positive, clear insurance experience.

We have been working hard and are so happy to share with all of our existing clients our new Referral Program - launching January 2018!

You placed your insurance with us for a reason & now is the time to share it!

Each month we will be featuring one of our locally owned & operated commercial clients - we will share a bit about their business & have a $50 prize package available to WIN! That's right - WIN!

And that's not all - all monthly entries will also be entered to win our Year End Grand Prize Giveaway valued at $500!

Entries are for each approved referral, conditions apply. To learn more, please contact your broker today!


Shop Local

Posted on: December 6, 2017

Being a locally owned & operated small business, we understand the importance of supporting our community of like minded entrepreneurs!
We understand the allure of the big retail shops; it's quick, easy & (usually) a one stop shop...
Just remember, with the downturn in our economy there are struggling smalls businesses that could use just ONE more sale to hit their profit margin. Or maybe they need just ONE more sale to put a Christmas turkey on their table.
This Christmas Season make a commitment to putting your hard earned money back into our local hard working community and not back into the pockets of the 1% corporations.

'Tis The Season

Posted on: December 6, 2017

The Holiday Season is upon us (I know, we can't believe it either!) and with that comes a lot of driving! 
Going to visit the parents, the grandparents, the in-laws... taking Suzy for a sleepover while we go to the Christmas Party!
Yes, it has been unseasonably warm but we live in Alberta and a winter storm can hit quicker than a turkey coma.
Here are a few winter driving tips that we believe are truly important.
We particularly like the reminder to have an Emergency Kit located somewhere accessible within the vehicle. Blankets, candles & nonperishable food items... stranded with kids is one thing, stranded with Hungry kids is a whole other.
Be Safe, Be Prepared & Be Happy!

Winter Driving Safety Tips


We're Hiring

Posted on: February 27, 2017

Education & Value Added Services vs Premium

We are looking for brokers with a Level 2 insurance license, who are interested in working with a group of like-minded team players. Paramount Insurance is a locally owned & operated boutique insurance brokerage with over twenty years of successful business. We specialize in business & risk management strategies that not only protect our clients’ assets, but encourage them to be more successful. We empower our clients by providing them with an education on how the industry works, what their coverage does, where/what it does NOT cover and how to mitigate against a potential loss.

Our commercial department would like to add a COMMERCIAL PRODUCER to the team, who loves a challenge, who can self-manage performance & goals, with the get up and go at a time when the market is a challenge. If you are knowledgeable in farms, we have an untapped well of business for you AND an opportunity to be the department head. We want you to help us complete quality risk assessments and write good business, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high quality book of business that is well rounded. Experienced brokers will be provided with an established book of business to help subsidize commission income for the first year.

Our personal lines department would like to welcome a PERSONAL LINES PRODUCER to the team, someone who loves people, loves insurance and is excited by the prospect of educating their clients. We pride ourselves on writing the entire risk - experienced brokers will be provided with an established book of business with ample opportunity to do just that, round out the client - this will also help subsidize commission income in the first year while you grow your own book of business. If you are knowledgeable in farms, we have an untapped well of business for you AND an opportunity to be the department head. We want you to help us write good business!

If you are ready for this opportunity, or know someone who may be, please send your resume to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The people of Fort McMurray are experiencing their worst nightmare – not only being evacuated from their homes, but now they are left in suspense full of questions without answers...

Is my home still standing?
If it isn’t, what do I do now?
How will we start over?
How do I get in touch with my broker if their business has burnt down too?
What does my insurance company cover?
Who is my insurance company?

If Red Deer was placed in a similar situation (be it fire, flood or tornado) or even if your home burnt down as a result of human error, what are Your answers to these questions?

Fire to a home is complete devastation, what the flames don’t obliterate, the smoke & water does. Every single piece of your property; from canned foods, to snow boots in storage... Every single book you own, every pair of nail clippers, every set of panties & socks will either need to be cleaned &/or replaced.

So here is our million dollar question:
Do you know what you have in your home?
If your entire home was burnt to the ground – could you sit down today and confidently write out a comprehensive list of EVERYTHING you had in your home and its approximate cost upon purchase? Is writing out an inventory list after the fire (or flood) something you think you’ll want to do while grieving the loss of your home & all of your possessions? Furthermore, do you know if the opal earrings you inherited from grandmother last year are covered? What about the ‘just in case’ money you keep stashed in your sock drawer?

Now is the time to come together to offer support, lend a hand and to donate to those affected by the fires in Fort McMurray – it is also the time to learn & to take action for yourselves, so You are prepared in the event that something equally as devastating happens to You.

We are encouraging all of our clients (their friends & their families) to take the time to protect yourselves – we strongly believe by working your way through the 5 following steps you can help ease the pain of your loss:

1. Fill out a Home Inventory Checklist and return it to your broker; either in person, via fax or via email. We will then scan it & attach it to your policy and this way, in the event of a loss we have a digital copy to get you started and to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

2. Take the time to fully read & understand your insurance policy. Come in and let’s go over what is Excluded from your current coverage so we can:
a) add coverage to those valuables that are not automatically covered or
b) help you take the necessary steps to diminish or mitigate against the loss.

3. Put pictures, trinkets & valuables you feel you can’t live without into a ready to go air tight container under your bed or in an accessible place for quick retrieval when/if you ever need to evacuate your home.

4. Have a 72 hour emergency kit ready to go – the Canadian government recommends the following for a 4 person family (
24 Emergency Drinking Water Rations
3 3600 Calorie Food Ration Packs
2 Emergency Rescue Blankets
4 Dust Masks
8 Sanitary Napkins
3 Rolls of Toilet Paper
1 Whistle
4 Pairs of Work Gloves
4 Ponchos
1 Crank Flashlight (No Batteries Required)
15 Adhesive Bandages
4 Knuckle Bandages
4 Fingertip Bandages
4 Patch Bandages
12 Antiseptic Towelettes
1 CPR Mask
1 Bio Hazard Waste Bag
2 Light Sticks
1 Nylon Backpack

5. Store your policy number along with your insurance company emergency claim phone number either in your phone or better yet, with a loved one who lives in a different city – this way, you will know exactly who to call in the event of an emergency when you know your broker is being evacuated with you.
Listed below are the emergency claim phone numbers for the insurance company we write our home policies with - you will find ALL of our companies & their emergency claims numbers under the orange 'CLAIMS' tab above.

Travelers Canada (formerly known as Dominion of Canada): 1-800-661-5522
SGI Canada: 1-855-751-1307 (home) 1-877-435-1484 (auto)
Economical Insurance: 1-800-607-2424
Aviva/Elite Insurance Company: 1-800-567-7721
Chutter Insurance: 1-866-672-4587
Premier Insurance: 1-800-567-7721

Our hearts go out to those in Fort McMurray who are devastated, in pain & suffering - this is a terrible loss for a community that was already in pain.

Sincerely & with love;

Dave, Pattie, Whitney, Diane, Joanne, Courtney & Crystal

Phone: 403-347-8400 Fax: 403-347-8470

Spring Time Driving Tips

Posted on: April 12, 2016

Happy Spring, everyone!

We all know that change of season brings not only sunshine but with it some heavy rain and windstorms.

Do you know the driving tips to help protect yourself and others from the heavy wind gusts we are experiencing on a weekly basis?

In the article posted below, Travelers Canada (previously Dominion of Canada) has some great tips for us while on the road in a windstorm.

Let's all be mindful and have a safe season!


Posted on: March 29, 2016

To Our Valued Customers

It has been brought to our attention that one of our insurance carriers, SGI Canada has been the target of fraud. Please read below for the CONSUMER ALERT issued to all brokers on behalf of SGI Canada.


March 28, 2016 -
It has come to our attention that a company posing as a third-party contractor of SGI CANADA is contacting targeted consumers to become "mystery shoppers" on our behalf.
They promise consumers financial compensation in return for their services and ask for personal information to be confirmed and given, This is a scam to obtain the consumer's information.
The target receives a letter, along with a very realistic-looking cheque. When they try to cash the cheque, it bounces, but the con artists already have their information.
If you are approached about this"opportunity" please contact your local law enforcement.


Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to this alert, please give us a call here at the office and we would be happy to do our utmost to help.

Thank you,

Paramount Insurance



Alberta Takes The Cake!

Posted on: February 2, 2016

Remember the massive hail storm on July 21st 2015?

We do ... well, maybe the day that is a Bit more vivid in our minds (as brokers) was July 22nd 2015. We have some of the Best clients in the industry and on a day where over 200 claims were submitted to our brokerage alone, everyone was calm, understanding and patient!

Alberta 'takes the cake' with The Most Expensive loss in ALL of Canada that day... per this Canadian Underwriter article written by Greg Meckbach.

"The most expensive event was on July 21, when a severe convective thunderstorm in Alberta cause $260 million in insured losses. There was tennis-ball-sized hail and wind gusts up to 110 kilometres per hour, Rennie noted. This caused damage to roof shingles, siding and 'extensive auto damage,' she reported"

Read the full article below to see just how much our whacky weather is costing insurance companies Canada wide.... It may help give us all a little bit of perspective as to why our rates & premiumes keep going up and up and up!

Five of Canada's six weather catastrophes in 2015 were out west: CatIQ

Tis the season to escape from the cold!

January to April an influx of Canadians hit the air-streams and jet off for some rest, relaxation and warmer temperatures!

Do you have the proper travel insurance in place or are you one of the "I have free travel insurance through my credit card" people?

The brokers here at Paramount Insurance would like to continue to URGE All of our clients to call in for a quote with our TuGo travel providers BEFORE leaving on holidays. They provide the Most comprehensive travel insurance on the market and we provide the Most comprehensive education of what Is and (often time, more importantly) what is NOT covered.

Bruce Cappon, the president of First Rate Insurace has been quoted saying "(...) travel insurance coverage that comes free with some credit cards may be enough for some "very healthy people" (...)". MAY be enough?! For Very Healthy People?!

I'm not sure about you, but that does NOT sound very promising to any of us here!

The question is, do you want to be spanning the nation as the next big news article headline of why COMPREHENSIVE private travel insurance with a RELIABLE company, run by COMPASSIONATE & CARING PEOPLE is SO important? 

OR would you rather be the guy sipping Margaritas on the beach, enjoying your holiday with peace of mind, knowing a great company and great people are there to support you IF something goes wrong?

The choice is up to you!



Holiday Hours

Posted on: December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Everyone here at Paramount Insurance!

Notice of Holiday Hours:
Thursday December 24th - we will be open until 12 noon
Friday December 25th - closed
Monday December 28th - closed

Thursday December 31st - we will be open until 12 noon
Friday January 1st 2016 - closed

CLAIMS - Please see under our orange CLAIMS tab a complete listing for all of the company specific Emergency Claim line contact numbers & websites. These claim lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These numbers can also be found on your renewal documents sent from the insurance company &/or on the pink cards provided by the insurance company.

We wish you and yours a season filled with love, laughter and a very prosperous New Year!


Career Opportunity

Posted on: June 17, 2015

Do you feel you have the Ability and the Desire to Step Above the Rest?

Do you want to be part of a Professional Succesion Plan, not just a minor shareholder in a major corporation?

Do you want to Work with a more Sophisticated Client?

Paramount Insurance is a locally owned & operated boutique insurance brokerage with twenty years of successful business. We operate in a team environment and specialize in Business & Risk Management Strategies that not only protect our client’s assets, but encourage them to be more successful.

We are excited to be building a team of advisors who are interested in ownership opportunities, who are driven towards success and who will facilitate the understanding, implementation and growth of our trade mark Strategies available for both our Business and Personal lines clients.

What will being a member of The Paramount team provide you?

  • The ability to be a part of a brokerage that handles insurance in a unique way, with a unique training program
  • An organization where you can manage your own performance
  • An organization offering buy in ownership opportunities based on personal performance
  • An organization that is continually developing value added services for the success of our customers
  • An organization that is forward thinking about technology, new trends & your future
  • A company focusing on core beliefs & values, committed to your continued personal and professional improvement & growth
  • A diversified work place
  • Work in a true team environment

The Ideal Candidate

  • “Proven”, intelligent, successful individuals that love to compete, but won’t sacrifice a team member in pursuit of their individual success
  • Highly organized individuals with exceptional communication and presentation skills and the confidence to challenge their customers view point
  • Intense customer focus & drive to bring value to their client. Ie: is committed to helping find solutions to problems and thrives on relationships where their opinion is trusted and sought out, “The Trusted Advisor”
  • Excited to control their own destiny, accountable for and always working towards improving their results
  • Has strong existing relationships within the community, in industries outside of Oil & Gas Service companies & who enjoy networking

Additional Technical Assets

  • Level 2 Insurance license
  • A designation such as, CAIB, CIP, CRM, FCIP, &/or a Business or Accounting degree
  • 5+ years experience
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Power Broker, Policy Works

If are ready for this opportunity, send us your resume: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Posted on: February 19, 2015

February 2nd marked the 20th anniversary since Dave & Pattie opened up shop in Red Deer, Alberta. February 20th 1995 was the day that Dave wrote his very first insurance policy for his very own insurance brokerage, Paramount Insurance!

We couldn't be more proud of him & Pattie. It's incredible the hard work, perseverance, dedication and COURAGE they have shown!

We count ourselves as a very lucky staff to work for such great people, who have dedicated their life to educating & protecting our community & clients. Today we celebrated with an in office pizza lunch and presented Dave with a collage of a few pictures showing the before & after!

We wish them a well deserved vacation & celebration in St Lucia and welcome all of your best wishes & congratulations for our fearless leaders!!

Travelling Out of Province

Posted on: November 20, 2014

An article worth reading in light of the recent media news involving a pregnant woman and her per existing condition.

Thank you to Travel Underwriters for providing this article.

By educating our clients, we hope to prepare them of the ways to minimize
increases in premiums for their Alberta Home Insurance policies. You have most
likely seen an increase in your premium and for some, the increase could be
significant. The increasing house insurance rates are due to the tragic
flooding and hail storms in Alberta in the last decade.

A commonly asked question is: I didn't have a loss, why should my rates go up?

When insurance underwriters calculate risk and determine the cost of Alberta Home
Insurance policies, rates are calculated based on the losses of a few, spread
amongst many policy holders. As the amount of insurance claims increases, the
cost of damages must be spread across policy holders, even those that haven't
filed a claim. No one can stop Mother Nature. You may not have had a
catastrophic loss yet but if you or your family does, you'll be thankful that the
prices are spread amongst many policy holders instead of the losses of the
unfortunate few.

Here are four activities our clients can pursue to minimize rate increases:

  1. Adjust your home policy to a higher deductible.
  2. Install an alarm system in your home (fire, water, burglary). Contact Darcy at Ambusch Securities in Red Deer at 403-346-8889.
  3. Ensure your broker is informed of any renovations or updates completed to your home.
  4. Combine your Alberta Home Insurance and Auto Insurance policies with Paramount Insurance.

Contact your Independent Insurance Broker today to discuss changing the amount of your deductible, how an alarm system can reduce your house insurance premiums, what renovations or upgrades will be eligible for a lower rate, or how you can combine your Alberta Home Insurance and Auto Insurance policies to save money on your premiums.

Autumn in Alberta can truly be the most beautiful time of the year, however, the changing season is not without its risks.

Here are some risks to watch for to protect your auto:

  • Be careful of any changing road surface conditions on your commute.
  • Pay attention to the danger of wet leaves on the road.
  • Avoid driving through a pile of leaves as children can sometimes hide in them.
  • Do not park on a pile of leaves, as the heat from the exhaust could potentially start a fire.
  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Adjust to diminishing sunlight and shorter days.
  • Watch for increased deer activity.

Below are some plans on how to protect your home:

  • Ensure your furnace and chimney cleaned, inspected and maintained annually by a qualified technician.
  • Examine your roof for any damage and make necessary repairs before winter.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts of fall foliage.
  • Wash the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under the dryer.
  • Insulate water pipes in area exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Check and restore the caulking around showers, bathtubs, sink and toilet bases.
  • Check your electrical outlets for potential fire hazards such as frayed wires or loose-fitting plugs.
  • Keep flammable material away from water heaters and wiring in the basement.
  • Keep a filled, multi-purpose fire extinguisher accessible.
  • Inspect your smoke detectors. Ensure there is one on each floor of your home.

Check with your Independent Insurance Broker to see if your policy covers your auto or home from these risks. Happy Fall from Paramount Insurance. 


Posted on: May 8, 2014

After a long Winter season, it appears that Spring has possibly Sprung? Now is the time to prune rose bushes, fix uneven stepping stones and remove damaged branches from shrubs and trees.

Landscaping our yards often provides not just beautification but also welcome shade during a hot summer day. However those large trees and shrubs can also be a contributing factor to structural damage too. More than 70% of trees that fall during a storm have suffered from previous conditions making them vulnerable. Learn to recognize and treat some of these symptoms to avoid potential for damage to your home, autos and others personal property.

Here are a few tips:

  • Root Damage: is easiest detected through evidence of decline in above ground parts of the tree. Dieback or death of branches at the tip is often the first sign.
  • Excessive Lean: Many trees do lean, but a tree with an excessive lean and evidence of root lifting and soil mounding is a cause for concern.

If you have questions or concerns we suggest you contact a local landscaping company or arborist for assistance. Happy Spring from Paramount Insurance.

Snow Load

Posted on: January 15, 2014

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Snow load is the accumulation of snow and ice on a building's roof. The roof or the entire structure can fail if the snow load exceeds the weight the roof/ building was designed to withstand or if the building was poorly designed or constructed.

An excessive amount of snow buildup can cause stress on a roof. This can create cracks and leaking through roof, ceiling and walls. If there is enough weight it can also cause your roof to sag compromising the structural integrity of the roof and dwelling, in turn your roof can collapse.

You can lessen the chances of a loss by being aware of the amount of snow accumulating on your roof and having the snow removed. We recommend this be done by someone experienced in roof snow removal to avoid any damage done by improper removal or personal injury in the event of a fall.

Not only can an excessive amount of snow cause the collapse of a roof, it can prevent the proper drainage of water from a roof when the snow melts and freezes creating ice dams. Ice dams form when snow on the roof melts and has nowhere to go due to gutters being clogged with leaves, snow and ice. The water re-freezes and the ice will then make its way under the shingles. This can repeat itself until eventually water will begin to enter the home causing water damage. Keeping gutters and downspouts clear of debris, snow and ice buildup will help prevent this from happening.

Check with your Independent Insurance Broker to see if your policy covers for snow load.

Remember Prevention is Your Best Protection.


Posted on: January 7, 2014

Are you or a loved one you know a Snowbird? Do travel south
for the winter months to escape the chilly winter weather? Are you protecting
yourself or your loved one for not only their health while away but the
dwelling, belongings left behind and liability exposures of being a homeowner?

Snowbirds should ensure they have purchased adequate medical
insurance while traveling out of their province to protect themselves in the
event that they need to seek medical attention. Seeking medical attention is
very costly, especially in the USA, and Alberta Health Care will cover only
limited amounts of these costs when travelling outside of your home province.
Please inquire with your broker about obtaining medical insurance before
leaving for the winter months, as we wish to assist in protecting against those
medical expenses.

It is important to have someone checking the dwelling, everyday
during the heating months, to ensure and watch for unforeseeable losses. Have
someone shovel the sidewalks and driveways, not only because it is a liability
exposure to the dwelling owner, but also to have the dwelling look like it is
lived in and not vacant. Vacant dwellings are often the target for vandalism
and break-ins. It is also important to ensure the water main valve is shut off to
prevent any unforeseen water losses. A
person taking a quick check in the house everyday may not notice a small leak
or dripping and this type of water loss may not be covered by the home
insurance policy. It is important to please take these steps to protect your

Good News! According to CBC News, there has been an
extension to allow Snowbirds to stay another month in the USA! The previous
maximum days allowed stay and travel in USA was 6 months or 182 days, however effective
December 17, 2013, this has been increased to 7 months or 212 days! Please
review the link for further details.

We wish everyone a safe and warm winter season!

Importance of Certificates of Insurance

Posted on: December 16, 2013

A certificate of insurance provides evidence of the levels of insurance that a business carries and shows coverage in force complies with the requirements of the requesting person. Certificates can be requested by you the Consumer

Why would you the consumer need one? Are you renovating your basement, building a deck, doing landscaping? What if something goes wrong as a result of the contractor you
hired? Who will pay to fix it?

Peace of mind comes from knowing the contractor hired carries the proper insurance coverage.

To have extra peace of mind you can ask to be listed as additional insured on your contractors insurance policy. This way if his policy cancels you will get a minimum of 15 days notice.

An example recently where many consumers were taken advantage of by unlicensed or uninsured contractors was the June 2013 flooding in Alberta. A certificate of insurance
can help protect your assets from loss, and is just a simple request to your

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Posted on: October 21, 2013

Whether you are a frequent flyer or annual adventurer, if you travel out of province or abroad, make sure travel insurance is on the top of your list.

Here's why!

Accidents and medical emergencies can happen anytime or anywhere, but approximately 50% of Canadians still travel uninsured. Many inaccurately assume they are covered by their provincial health insurance.

In fact your provincial health will not cover all international or even out-of-province medical expenses.   What it does cover it won't pay up front. With rising heath care costs, medical bills can add up quickly, espcially in the USA. In fact a hospital stay can cost $1000 USD per day, up to $10,000 USD per day for intensive care and air evacuaton can cost upwards of $50,000 USD.

Without sufficient protection medical expenses could be financially devastating. In many cases the govenment covers less then 7% of the total cost, but each province differs slightly.

Are YOU covered?

Welcome to our new website. It has been a while in the making, but all good things take time.

The Paramount Insurance Team, is comprised of our superb support staff, as well as our many dedicated insurance advisors, whom pride themselves on their knowledge of the insurance language and look forward to helping you the consumer, to understand those confusing insurance policies.

We are all looking forward to your feed back or comments about our new look, as well as the all new videos in our Learning Centre section, check it out and thanks again for dropping by.