About Paramount Insurance

The team at Paramount Insurance is different from any other Insurance Broker. Our focus is on helping our clients effectively manage risk, with the goal to protect your money, assets and leading to greater business and personal success.

Most brokers help their clients manage risk in one way and that is through the insurance contract (financing mechanism). While that is important, there are 4 other ways to manage risk. Without these in place, businesses put themselves in harms way and end up spending money they don't want to spend & losing revenue as a result of lost opportunity.

We have a simple four step process.

  1. Perform a complete risk analysis to determine:
    • Your opportunities
    • Your potential to spend money today or in the future
    • Your exposure to loss
  2. Design a plan that will:
    • Capitalize on the opportunities
    • Minimize or eliminate challenges
    • Mitigate and or eliminate exposures to losses
  3. Implement a strategic plan that indicates:
    1. Who will do what &;
    2. By what point in time
  4. Monitor the success of the plan and re-implement the process on or near completion of the original plan.

I am proud to say that Paramount Insurance has a client experience that is second to none! Here are some of the things we hear:

"Wow I didn't know that wasn't covered under our old policy"
"Wow you guys really know what you are doing!"
"Wow now that I understand, I can make an educated decision!"
"Wow with that resolved we can move forward!"

Our process is an investment of time that pays off year after year by not only making you a better risk to insurance companies, but making you a stronger and more proactively managed business from the standpoint of risk. The world is changing fast, our ability to help you manage that change and stay in front of it, is what sets us apart.

We don't promise that your insurance will be cheaper, because we don't even know if you are insured properly, but we do Guarantee your "Total Cost of Risk" will be less and we Guarantee we can help improve your bottom line.

You can continue on with the "Same Old Same Old" or you can invest some time in your future, your business and your life to discover what you're missing out on. We look forward to working with you.